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Fun With Bots

Under the direction of Coach Beasley, the Robotics Club will offer an opportunity to learn teamwork, engineering skills, programming, problem solving, critical thinking skills and most of all - have fun - while learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts! Club members will use LEGO ®  MINDSTORMS ®, LEGO ® WeDo ®, and other robotics tools to build robots and machines, program them to perform specific tasks, troubleshoot problems, and refine their strategies to address practical challenges.

Kids at all experience levels will have an opportunity to participate in robotics activities using LEGO MINDSTORMS® and WeDo® robots. Beginners will start with the basics using tutorials to learn sound construction methods, programming and become familiar with the various components of the MINDSTORMS system. Once they have mastered the essential concepts, they’ll discover increasingly sophisticated designs by building robots to compete in a number of project-oriented tasks, each designed to improve their programming and engineering skills.

We organize the kids into small groups based on age and experience. Each group chooses the challenges they wish to pursue. Students will engage in other related activities to build teamwork and allow them to interact outside of their immediate groups. Periodically, we will engage in whole-group activities that everyone participates in.

In Studio Schedule

Wednesdays at 4pm & 6pm

Pricing (Auto Debit)

In Studio

1 Month | Once a Week |  90 Min Group Lesson | $110

Building a Robot