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"Andrew is great with my daughter.  She plays piano and guitar with him and he keeps it engaging, educational and fun."

I have been taking lessons with Clay for over a year. He is super patient and has a great teaching method. I would recommend the lesson company to anyone looking to start or refine there skills. I want to thank them for the lessons for veterans. Playing helps my stress and PSTD so thank you

3 lessons in and my 11 year old LOVES this place! Ms. Sarah is very patient, very engaging, and just an overall wonderful teacher in Violin. The most important thing to know is that even though the lesson is only 30 minutes, you get every second of those 30 min. Not this 5 min setup window and end a few min early. They give you every moment of their time that you pay for. Highly recommended!

My experience here has been really good I feel like I have really benefited from it . And it’s helped
Me understand more about piano

My 11 year old son has been seeing Ms. Sarah for about 2 months now for Violin lessons and has been progressing very well to where he can successfully play short tunes/songs. While practicing from home, 1 of his strings broke and he brought it to his next lesson where Ms. Sarah was able to help him install a new string while still fitting in a full lesson. My son says she gives him all of her attention during their lessons and is very attentive to his progress. Couldn't ask for a better teacher!

Hi,this is Kayla,I enjoyed my first class with Miss Karen.She was very upbeat and helpful.LOOK FORWARD TO FUTURE CLASSES

Lovely, professional service. The Lesson Company was extremely efficient and quick to find someone for my daughter's guitar lessons. The teacher provided is absolutely wonderful, with a calm manner, supportive teaching style and has a fantastic rapport with my daughter. She’s thrilled to have found the company she will call home and looks forward to her lessons each week!

I am learning guitar with Andrew is he is just an amazing instructor! I never thought I could learn how to play guitar and this week I played for the first time a full song!!! I’m over 30 and learn something new is not as easy as for a child. But thanks to Andrew and the team from The Lesson Company I’m learning and loving each step of this new adventure of mine. They also accommodate very well my busy schedule. Excellent customer service and teaching skills

Brian is just so talented and understand what the student wants and needs.  I really love coming here and talking to all the staff they are always so friendly and nice.  Thank you for providing a great place for our kids to learn music. The price is also fair market. The building is always clean.

On the very first day of sons class he fell in love with the guitar. Excellent instructor, Justin is awesome in teaching step by step and explain everything in detail. I would recommend Lesson company for anyone. We all struggle with stress of unknown factors. For a better happy healthy long life music is best. More over they have 1:1 session .

My son's first lesson was amazing! Very engaging! And they listened to him, they let him choose what kind of music he wanted to learn. Great start!

Love the Lesson Company. 2 kids there, 1 in guitar, 1 in art. Mr. Brian is not only a great  guitar player, he connects with and inspires my son to learn and practice more often. Art classes are engaging for my daughter as well. They both look forward to the Lesson Company all week.

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